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This is the event where you will encounter new game modifiers and a dangerous mini boss – the Cunning Fay. As rewards, you may receive cards for three units – the Banshee, the Enchanted Sword and the Scrapper – to add them to your collection. If only one of these units is of interest to you – no worries, you will have the choice! Assemble the collections, advance in the Flower Pass, spin the carousel of rewards and receive your Legendaries. Onward, the hunt for the precious cards is on!


“Grand Masters, what is going on? Academy students set off on their own to explore the Dungeons of the island. As a result of their experiments, powerful, unbridled magic has been unleashed! It has created temporal and spatial anomalies. The dungeons that brave adventurers used to visit with friends have changed beyond recognition!”

Key Co-Op changes

  • The maximum number of waves has been reduced to 25
  • The balance of all floors has been reworked and improved
  • The dynamics and intensity of battles has been improved
  • Minimum critical damage requirement has been added for floors 4 and above to limit access to advanced floors for players who are clearly not ready for them
  • Recommended critical damage for the floors now reflects the actual difficulty of the battle
  • The rewards – gold and the contents of chests awarded for completing floors or chapters for the first time – are preserved in full

We do our best to make every battle more fun and varied. To that end, we are adding several completely new, unique modifiers with a collection mechanic, granting an effect lasting until the end of the battle. A number of changes have also been made to existing modifiers, such as Mana Rain, Alacrity, Curse, Speedrunners and Power Surge. Several familiar modifiers from other modes have been added as well: namely, Slug Bombers and Defenseless.


The scientific breakthrough performed by the researchers of the Magic Council and the Technogenic Society has changed the life of the Kingdom of Rhandum!

Experiments are a new mode for the operation of the Magic Lab that allows transforming copies of the Legendary units you do not need into different ones – similar to how Magic Crystals were obtained. It is available to every player who has reached the Leagues!

In order to conduct Experiments, you need three things:

  • Choose the units you would like to receive as a result
  • Experiment coins that are earned for completing daily quests – they serve as a resource to conduct experiments
  • A Legendary unit that will be experimented on

You may select several Legendary units, and if the experiment ends in success, you will be guaranteed to receive one of them for your collections. Like any experiment, this one is somewhat unpredictable and may end in failure. In this case, the unit you were experimenting on will not go anywhere – you will still keep it. Should several experiments in a row fail, eventually a subsequent one will certainly be successful, and give you the desired result!

Accessing all the Labs is now possible via the single interface, for the player’s convenience.


We continue to work on the length of battles. Therefore, PvP battles in Leagues will be changed in a number of ways. The goal is to reduce their duration, which will save more time for various game modes and developing a collection of units and heroes instead.

Wave length reduction

One of the key changes to PvP battles in Leagues is the reduced duration of waves.

  • The duration of the first wave will be reduced from 120s to 90s.
  • Starting from wave 9, battle time will be reduced from 40s to 30s.

Mana-carrying monsters

Starting from the first wave, improved Manahauler monsters will be encountered – to help you develop the field more actively.

Monster Health

The health of monsters will grow more noticeably, starting with the third wave. Starting with wave 10, monsters will receive a speed boost, becoming faster from wave to wave.


Meet the new images of the units and heroes in the game. Don’t forget to turn the sound on – the heroes have their own voices now!

  • Navigation in the hero and unit tabs has been changed – all the important information will now be available on the main screen!
  • Deck recommendations have been added to unit and hero windows. Pick the best deck to improve your ranking!
  • Using the heroes’ abilities in battle is now more visually noticeable

The Trainer’s Rebirth

The Captain steps up into the spot of the first hero to greet the players. His abilities will be familiar – they reprise the Trainer’s abilities, while the colorful and charismatic image will inspire the players to new feats!


The Technogenic Society is proud to present the Scrapper with a whole new arsenal of abilities!

The Scrapper is able to recycle other units, accumulating charges. Every charge gives you mana. Additionally, once enough charges are accumulated, the Scrapper creates an enhancement that will increase the merge rank of a random allied unit.

Aside from talents, the Scrapper will enjoy the following changes in the coming update:

  • The Scrapper receives 1 charge towards creating an enhancement when absorbing a unit of any merge rank
  • Merging a Scrapper at any rank grants it 1 charge towards creating an enhancement
  • Receiving a charge grants a fixed amount of mana
  • Number of charges required to create an enhancement has been reduced by 1
  • The Dryad’s presence weakens Scrappers. With a Dryad present, the number of charges required to create an enhancement is increased by 2
  • Mana Power-up has been replaced with a cooldown-based ability: it reduces the merge rank of the highest-ranked (rank 2 or above) Scrapper on the field by 1. The ability costs no mana and takes 15 seconds to recharge.


Level 9 Talents

Scrap ‘Em All

  • A random Scrapper will transform into a Recycler! When absorbing a unit, the Recycler temporarily increases the damage of all of your units. When this talent is selected, one of your Scrappers on the field will always transform into a Recycler

Waste-Free Recycling

  • The Scrapper can now absorb not only units that match its rank, but also those below it

Level 11 Talents

Successful Shift

  • When merging, the Scrapper gets a chance to increase the merge rank of a random unit

Promotion by Merit

  • Merging the Scrapper is guaranteed to result in a Scrapper

Level 13 Talents

Labor Enthusiast

  • When merging, the Scrapper sends a sticky slime monster to your opponent’s side. The slime has the health of a regular monster. This talent does not work in Co-Op or PvE modes

Acrid Waste

  • When consuming a unit, the Scrapper spawns a caustic pool trap that travels towards monsters on your path, lowering their armor

Level 15 Talent

Triple Quota

  • When creating a bonus enhancement, the Scrapper has a chance to create an extra enhancement!

Would you rather be getting a brief power boost every time you absorb a unit, or expanding the number of units you can absorb? Ranking up your units more often with the Scrapper, or better controlling the number of Scrappers on your field? Creating monsters to keep your opponents on their toes, or using traps to soften the foes threatening you? The choice is yours!


Regular events

  • The Riding Hood unit is added to the Rush for Glory event.

Battle Pass

  • The interface of daily quests and seasonal pass has been improved.



Spirit Master

  • Base damage has been increased: 207.9 → 229.3
  • Per-level bonus has been reduced: 10% → 8.5%


The Scrapper’s talents are making decks with the Spirit Master in them much stronger. The damage at high level has been reduced a little, while the damage when receiving the basic unit (lvl 7) remains unaltered.


Awakening Rage

  • Damage bonus for a full clover: 15% → 15% up to 30 clovers, 7.5% after 30

Furious Brotherhood

  • Damage bonus for a full clover: 10% → 10% up to 40 clovers, 5% after 40


After talents have been added for the Scrapper, the Bruiser has been accumulating huge amounts of clovers. These changes are meant to hold back the latter unit’s might.


Fast Recharging

  • Attack speed bonus has been increased: 30% → 50%



  • Per-level bonus has been increased: 12% → 15% 
  • Increase with Mana Power-up: 27 → 35


Our favorite Engineer and the insidious Vampire have been strengthened a little so that the effectiveness (and the popularity) is a little more even among the epic units.


High Arcanist

  • Damage bonus per charge (up to 500 charges) has been reduced: 2% → 1.5%


Using the Crystalmancer with this talent simply leaves the Engineer with no chance to show himself.

Blade Dancer

Floral Frenzy

  • Damage increase, up to 50 flowers: 1% → 1.5% 
  • Damage increase, after 50 flowers: 0.6% → 0.75%

Blooming Dash

  • Damage increase, up to 50 flowers: 1.5% → 2%


The unit is made stronger so that she fits the new combat balance better.

Enchanted Sword

  • The number of orbs per sword is increased: 2 → 3


With the game becoming faster paced, accumulating the maximum amount of orbs is looking like a more difficult task. Therefore we are returning the amount of orbs per sword to what it was originally.


  • Base damage increased: 55 → 60.4
  • Mana Power-up bonus has been increased: 50 → 60 
  • Base damage increase per charge: 94 → 97.8
  • Per-level bonus has been increased: 0.175 → 0.2
  • Mana Power-up bonus increased: 30 → 40


These changes were made because Tesla was lagging behind other units when looking at the amount of damage dealt, especially at higher levels.


Fairy of Growth

  • No longer grants mana when using the Dryad with the Fairy

Fairy of Rage

  • Damage bonus has been reduced: 2.5% → 1.5%
  • Maximum bonus has been reduced: 50% → 30%


At the moment, the Dryad is the strongest and the most popular supporting unit. Altering the unit, along with adding talents to the Scrapper, is intended to make the choice of decks for successful battles not as clear-cut.

Demon Hunter

Absorption of Evil

  • If all of the Demon Hunters present on the field are marked, the random one will get the mark instead of whichever has the highest merge rank.


Currently, the Demon Hunter is an easy to use and popular unit, and the Absorption of Evil talent allows increasing the unit’s damage output passively, without interacting with the battlefield. This method makes gameplay boring. Alteration to the talent should suggest a more proactive playstyle via the mechanic of mark multiplication by merging low-level Demon Hunters.



Crack Shot ability

  • Hits no longer increase damage from subsequent arrows
  • Instead of a one-time armor reduction by 10%, each arrow decreases armor by 1.5%. The effect stacks up to a maximum value of 60%

Sudden Shot ability

  • Percentage damage from the Crack Shot has been reduced: 40% → 7.5%
  • Added basic damage from unit: 150%
  • The chance of activating Sudden Shot has been reduced: 5% → 3%
  • The chance of activating Sudden Shot by area attacks has been reduced: 5% → 0.5%
  • Activating Sudden Shot may cause repeated shot with a chance of 65%


Jay was created as a hero that would be used in combination with units that have high attack speed. Unfortunately, that led to the situation of the hero being used only in certain decks with the efficiency strongly skewed towards the hero herself. It was readily apparent in game events where Jay is the primary condition for success, often dealing more damage than the units themselves can inflict. That was making the choices of units for the deck and the strategy inside combat less relevant. As such, we decided to make Jay more versatile, binding the arrow bonuses to the damage dealt by units and lowering Jay’s own damage – so that dominating strategies in the Rhandum League and other events may be avoided.


  • Active ability cooldown: 60s → 50s


With the reduction in the duration of battles, the hero's effectiveness might be significantly reduced, because his ability is mostly dependent on the wave length. The frequency of the ability's usage has been increased in order to better fit the new pace of combat.

Reducing the effectiveness of negative mechanics on the opponent’s field


  • Now fires at random tiles instead of units (may miss sometimes if there are vacant tiles on the opponent’s field)
  • The Shaman no longer stuns enemy units during the countdown

Sea Dog

Explosive Surprise

  • The amount of bombs has been reduced: 2→1



  • The duration has been reduced: 6s → 4s

Ice Shield

  • The duration has been reduced: 6s → 4s

Frost King

  • Extra targets to freeze: Every 2 ranks → Every 3 ranks


Winter’s Kiss

  • Stun duration has been reduced: 5.8s + 0.2s per level → 3.85s + 0.15s per level

Cold Welcome

  • Stun duration has been reduced: 5.8s + 0.2s per level → 3.85s + 0.15s per level


At the moment, the popularity of units with negative mechanics has soared. This is especially noticeable in the higher leagues where the deck, in addition to great efficiency, causes a large amount of negative effects on the opponent’s field. Changing the stats of these units and the hero in intended to make the game more comfortable to play.

Ability cooldown


  • Mana Power-up cooldown has been reduced: 20s → 15s

Harbinger of the Abyss

  • The number of souls required to summon a guardian demon has been increased: 6 → 8


  • Duration of the Mana Power-up has been reduced: 10s → 9s
  • Mana Power-up cooldown has been reduced: 20s → 15s


  • Duration of the Mana Power-up has been reduced: 12s → 10s
  • Mana Power-up cooldown has been reduced: 20s → 15s



  • Delay before the effect’s activation has been reduced: 45s → 25s


The battles are made shorter because the waves are faster, and the monsters stronger. Changes to the ability cooldowns are made to preserve the effectiveness of certain units the abilities of which strongly depend on the length of waves.


Mage Robes

  • Base percentage of influence on mana that is received by the opponent (PvP) or the ally (Co-Op) has been increased: 2% → 4.5%
  • Per-level increment has been reduced: 0.5% → 0.25%


The Mage Robes have long been the most popular armor in the game. It was especially pertinent in the higher Leagues, where the Robes were capable of taking a significant portion of mana. The changes are intended to make the game more dynamic in the first waves, and also to make the choice of armor less straightforward.