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Attention! A portal from another dimension is opening on the island! A powerful strike has created a rift between the worlds, and the new hero rushes in to aid the players! Meet Jake Paul! 

The hero's abilities deal huge damage to monsters and significantly increase the stats of other units. The active ability summons the hero to the battlefield! With the first strike, Jake deals massive damage to the monsters. Those who survive his landing will not be able to get around him, and will take additional damage while the hero is fighting back. Merging and increasing the rank of units grants Likes that increase the damage of both the hero’s active ability and your units on the field. Also, while the ability is active, press the hero's ability again to deal additional damage! 

  • At level 5, each Like received increases the damage of your units. 
  • At level 10, the critical chance of the hero's skills is increased, and the chance of units dealing critical damage when you receive a Like is also increased. 
  • At level 15, the brave hero takes a selfie with monsters, reducing their armor, and gets a chance to perform additional attacks! 

The RR Champion Belt heroic item increases the damage dealt by the hero's active ability: The first attack deals damage equal to a percentage of the monster's current health. The second attack deals damage to monsters equal to a percentage of the missing amount of health. The item also increases the reduction of enemy armor from Jake’s level 15 passive ability. 

*Jake Paul is a special hero that can only be obtained by players who have logged into the game during the event's duration and completed a special quest. We stand for fair play. And since there will not be an opportunity to get Jake Paul after the end of the event, we decided not to increase the critical damage of the player's collection with the level progression of this hero, since it is necessary to avoid a situation where one player would have an advantage that cannot be equalized. Get ready for exhausting workouts and powerful knockouts! P.S. You will need boxing gloves.