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Rush Royale turns 3 years old on December 7! We’re proud of what we’ve managed to achieve together over those years, and we’re even more excited about what we might achieve in the future!

Thanks for being with us and helping us to get better. We’ve been preparing a lot of interesting things for you, coming in December - don’t miss it!


Announcing the formation of the Rhandum League Tournament! This event will be available to all players who have reached the leagues, and it will have its own special features and rules!

Rule 1

All those who join in the tournament will compete under absolutely equal conditions: for each grade of rarity, units, heroes and items are at the same level, regardless of your game performance. Even if you don’t have any heroes or units, it’ll still be available in the Tournament, at exactly the same level as your opponent.

  • Units: Common of level 15, Rare of level 15, Epic of level 13, Legendary of level 11
  • Heroes: Common of level 20, Rare of level 15, Epic of level 10, Legendary of level 5
  • Items: Rare of level 10, and in this case you can choose the faction of the item! No enchantments
  • Critical damage for both players is 2000

Rule 2

You have to create 5 decks. When you’ve got an opponent, they’ll be able to choose to block any 2 of your decks at their discretion. You’ll be able to do the same regarding them. From the remaining decks, you’ll need to pick which to take into battle. After each battle, the decks can be adjusted or changed as you prefer!

Rule 3

To make sure that the decks aren’t completely identical, some units will be considered to be “key” units, which can only be used in one of your five assembled decks. The Shaman can’t be put into 2 decks at the same time.

Rule 4

When you kill bosses, merge units or carry out other actions in battle, you’ll earn combo points, which you can spend on modifiers at the start of each wave. Almost all modifiers will only work on the current wave, and both players are given the same choice. You can use the modifiers to strengthen your field, to make your opponent’s field weaker, or to buy spells from a Merchant Duck. Or you might take a risk and destroy two hearts at the same time, which will give you increased mana until the end of the battle! Combo points can be accumulated and spent separately for each fight, and can’t be transferred to another one. Use tactics and wait for just the right moment to win your victory!

Rule 5

Participation in the tournament can continue until you’ve had 5 defeats. You don’t need any tickets or other resources to join in - only your desire to win. The number of victories is unlimited!

Rule 6

You’ll receive rewards for your victories. Some of them will become available immediately, and some can only be collected at the end of the tournament (after 5 defeats or the end of the tournament time)

The top 100 players (by the number of victories), will get memorable badges on their profiles, visible to all other players!

If there are several players with the same number of victories, the higher place will be awarded to the one who gets that amount of victories first.

Who will become the Island’s Champion!?




  • The sleeping after eating now has a shorter duration: 20 secs → 6 secs
  • The sleeping after moving also has a shorter duration: 10 secs → 6 secs
  • Gains an additional well-fed charge on a tile during movement: 1 → 2
  • The passive ability of Fire Puddles (reducing armor) has been moved from the Incinerating Flame ability into the abilities of the level 1 hero and is activated by gaining a well-fed charge
    Spitting puddles when gaining a well-fed charge has been moved from the Incinerating Flame to the level 1 hero abilities (edit 14.11)


Flicker is an interesting and powerful hero, but it’s quite difficult to move him on the battlefield to obtain a bonus, and if he was a lower-level hero, he had often accumulated the maximum bonus only by the end of battle. So, in update 22.1, we introduced some changes to this little dragon, aiming to make this hero easier and more convenient, improving his gameplay.


  • The damage increase bonus for the unit under the bubble is now less significant: 25% → 10%
  • The bubble now lasts for a shorter duration: 45 secs → 35 secs
  • The amount of mana needed to destroy the bubble will now increase with the hero’s level
  • The Hidden Defense ability has been changed. Now, when a unit receives a bubble with a negative effect, the bubble will be destroyed together with cleansing of the unit itself


Currently the Mermaid is the strongest and most desired hero - that’s what the players tell us, that’s what our statistics show us - everything points to this hero having too great an impact on the outcome of battle. Version 20.0 increased the frequency of her ability’s activation, as well as more bubbles and bonuses being received by units under this protection, which all had a significant effect on the quality of protection and the bonuses concerned. We’re expecting these changes to create more space for other heroes in the meta, giving the player the chance to choose the hero that best suits their deck, instead of choosing one regardless of the tactics required of the unit.


  • The hero’s active ability will now cause the anvils to fall at the same time with the mechanisms regardless of the field filling up
  • Basic anvil damage is reduced to 5000 and damage will be increased with hero level


We decided to improve the experience of the hero and his abilities slightly at the start, by making falling anvils available right from first use of the ability, because it’s difficult sometimes for beginners to fill the whole battlefield with these powerful mechanisms.

We’re expecting all these changes to make the heroes stand out more from each other, whilst holding on to their unique features and creating more space for varying decks during your games.


Riding Hood

Alpha Wolf

  • Fixed damage calculation when changing form
  • Bonus damage up to 50 charges is now lower: 1% → 0.6%
  • Bonus damage after accumulating 50 charges is now lower: 0.3% → 0.2%


We found a bug in the mechanics of the Alpha Wolf talent, in which the damage calculation with the form's change was incorrect and the damage amount was smaller than planned. The error has been fixed. And because this unit looks quite strong now, the damage bonus when accumulating charges has been changed to maintain the planned damage values.

In other words, despite the change in numbers, the final damage when choosing the Alpha talent will even increase slightly compared to version 22.0.